1win invest

1win invest is a new investment format. Have you ever invested in an online casino and betting business? Unlikely. You may have won or lost, but investing provides new opportunities for earning money.

3 steps of investing with 1win invest

  1. Click the Invest button and define the amount

    On the one hand, the amount of money must be significant for you to feel the investment effect. On the other hand, don't invest your last money in just one way of investing. The investment portfolio must be properly distributed and 1win invest can become another investor's portfolio.

  2. Invest in 1win

    The 1win team invests in the most effective traffic acquisition tools. We are talking about both seo traffic and teaser ads, banners on websites, social networks and other ways to attract new players.

  3. Get income from 1win

    Each investor receives income as a percentage of the profit earned from the purchased advertising. The amount of income is proportional to the amount of investment.

The pros of investing in 1win

  1. Lossless investment in betting and gambling

    Bookmaker and online casino 1win have long been known all over the world. The number of language versions is 15 and is constantly growing, that is, almost all the leading languages of the world are available. The methods of replenishment of the deposit and withdrawal of money are amazing - from banks in Indonesia to mobile operators in India. From e-wallets in Russia to direct payments to a bank account in Germany. This is an excellent indicator, since banks always monitor the legality of payments. And if 1win was able to build a payment structure around the world, then banks and regulators have no complaints about 1win.

  2. Legal gambling and betting business

    Cypriot company licensed by the Curacao Gambling Commission is part of the Netherlands. As you know, Europe has some of the strictest rules regarding the regulation of betting and gambling. The fact that 1win fully complies with these rules speaks in favor of the idea of investing with 1win.

  3. Brand awareness 1win

    Speaking of the fact that the 1win brand is known all over the world, we must not forget that this became possible thanks to the professional team of 1win - specialists in Internet advertising, financial management and betting analysts. In other words, you trust your money to professionals who know how to achieve results. Moreover, we can say that 1win has already achieved results, building a reputation as a well-known company in the field of sports betting and gambling. You have been given a unique chance to join the success of one of the most effective teams in your field on the Internet.

  4. Income up to 33% per month from 1win

    You say that this is a lot and difficult to believe. But consider a few things. First, we are talking about the amount "to", in other words, the maximum possible income. Unfortunately, in most cases we are talking about more modest amounts, for example, 15% - 20%. Yes, there can be bad months when you only get 10% per annum. Secondly, try to invest an amount that will not be big for you, but will allow you to see growth. Even having made an investment of 1000 rupees, in a month you can get 1200-1300 rupees, which means that we are talking about 20% -30% per month. Such a trial investment will dispel doubts and give you confidence in your further steps as an investor, making your choice more meaningful.

  5. Better than a bank deposit and almost any financial instruments

    How much will you earn by giving money to the bank? At best, we are talking about an amount slightly higher than inflation. Let's be honest - this is not earning, but a way to save money. Risky instruments like stock trading offer higher returns, but you need to spend your time devoting at least 1-2 hours a day to this. In fact, we are talking about the second job. But what if the profitability is the same as on the stock exchange, but there are less risks and no need to waste time? Try 1win invest.

Investor benefits in 1win invest

You will ask the following question: “If everything is so good, then why does 1win need it? Why pay such high interest?"

Business development requires money. The money is needed for the best programmers, professional marketers, finance specialists, as well as advertising and attracting new players.

How can a business attract money for development? The two main ways are bank loans and money from private investors. The vast majority of banks do not like to work with companies in the field of gambling and betting. It is believed that this negatively affects the reputation of banks among shareholders, housewives and politicians. Therefore, getting a loan from a bank for an online casino is an unrealistic task. Raising money from a private investor is a more realistic task, but this means the need to depend on someone else's opinion and make decisions in accordance with the investor's opinion.

1win wants to attract players as investors - those for whom the company makes a high-quality world-class product. It is the users of 1win who can assess the company's prospects, seeing what big steps the online casino and bookmaker is developing.

1win invest gives everyone the opportunity to earn. Unlike other ways of investing, you do not need to read endless stock news, think about the markets and possible bankruptcies.

Invest and earn with 1win invest.

Invest in 1win